Voice Applications

As the fastest adopted technology ever, even faster than cell phones,  voice applications can bring the ease-of-use of Amazon’s Alexa  or Google’s Google Assistant to your current and future customers.   Whether you provide a custom skill that lets your customers interact with your business or a daily news briefing of whats important,  H3 Systems can get your business into voice applications today.

Amazon Alexa Skills

Alexa skills allow true listener engagement with your business or a catchy way to play a game or make interactive content. It takes much more than the Alexa template skills in order to do right. H3 Systems skills are designed to be updatable by non-programmers as well as support continuous updating as your needs and your skill evolve.

Amazon Alexa Flash Briefings

Alexa Flash Briefings are 'news' type briefings that are short and played for the listener when they request their flash briefing each morning. These are great for communicating daily schedules or industry news your listeners or customers may be interested in.

Google Home

In Beta, H3 Systems will be providing the same industry leading voice application development to the Google Home/Google Assistant space. Talk to us today if this is something your business is interested in.

Professional Voice Actors

While computer generated text-to-speach is very good and can reflect a wide range of accents, there are also needs for true human voice. H3 Systems has professional voice actors available who can record content that audibly engages listeners making you skill stand out and above average.