winning together

Partnering with H3 Systems

Success is rarely an individual accomplishment and in the SMB and SME markets,  creative partnering can be very important and beneficial to each company involved. 

H3 Systems provides a number of flexible partnering opportunities to enable each company a winning proposition via a number of different relationships:

  • augmenting staff as an internal, non-customer facing resource to assist in building solutions and responding with proposals
  • being a customer facing representative of your company
  • hourly adjunct contractor for address tasks critical staff do not need to be investing time in

We offer a number of financial arrangements as well including hourly billing or retainer  (best value and can lock in your competitive advantage!). 

We also offer a referral program for companies who refer successfully engaged clients.   Please contact for more information about our referral program.

Please drop us a note to start the conversation at partners@H3LLC.US