Integration Services

Today’s world is drowning in data.  Typically small and medium size business have seperate systems that are affordable and best-they-can-afford in class to accomplish their business needs.

Unfortunately this results in a lot of manual workloads to move data between systems and results in errors,  duplicate data,  and wondering which phone number for a given customer is the correct one

CRM Systems

Use of modern Customer Relation Management (CRM) software packages is a key competitive advantage to a small business. CRM data needs to be shared across your business to get the most value from it. H3 Systems can help you do that.


Moving data from one system to another often creates "Excel Hell" with staff manually moving data around. Let H3 Systems help your business develop automatic integrations which helps your staff do more automatically. This results in faster, and more accurate, business processes


Data can come from all sources. Talk to H3 Systems about how to automatically import data into your systems. For small, one time events manual may still be the best way, however, for repeatable, accurate, and efficient processes automation is key. H3 Systems will call it as it is!