Consulting Services

H3 Systems has the ability to engage your business  on  a project basis.   Whether you are selecting a phone system,  migrating software, or trying to achieve better integration in your business to remove manual components,  H3 Systems can provide the project leadership and elbow grease to get the project successfully across the finish line.

CMS Systems - WordPress

Modern web content is no longer built by manually editing HTML, but rather by using Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Joomla!. or Drupal. Whether setting up a new web precense or simply updating your existing one, H3 Systems can deal with all aspects including migrations and plug-in selection and maintenance.

Internet Presence

Business must be online today to thrive. H3 Systems can help your business navigate the complex world of purchasing and manageing your internet presence. From name selection through bringing your website online and ready for digital marketing, H3 can do it all for you.

CRM Software

Managing and tracking your leads, opportunities, and customers is key to modern business. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is key to this process. There are many options in today's world including stand alone, cloud based, free, and costly. Let H3 Systems help you decide and then get your business up and running on one.

Data Reporting/Mining

Collecting good data is only half the battle in todays competitive marketplace. Reporting and analyzing that data can be a critical next step in knowing how well your business is really doing, how competitive you are, and how you are moving towards your business objectioves

Modern Communications

Timely and accurate communications with your employee's and customers can be both competitive as well as contribute to the efficiency and safety of your business. The sales staff at your local cellular store may not be thinking in your businesses best interest or understand where your staff operate. H3 Systems can help select and develop communication systems that work for you.

Custom Programing

H3 Systems can also develop custom solutions your business may need. H3 Systems can bring to you web, IOS, or Android solutions based on the latest technology. See our Voice applications page for information on H3 Systems in the latest and hottest technology spaces today, Voice applications.