Technology Services for your Business

Focused on small and medium sized businesses, H3 Systems makes experienced IT management
available to companies on a part-time or project based basis.  With 30+ years mostly in  startup/SMB/MSB size businesses, our staff understand the struggles of growing a business.   We can help ownership operate against their current business model as well as develop and execute the roadmap to get you to the exit strategy of your choice.  

  • insurance industry
  • home building
  • legal
  • broadcast media
  • property management
  • franchises
  • industrial
  • …  and more


With decades of experience in companies both as vendors as well as consumers, H3 Systems understands the business and what it takes to succeed in the real world.

YOUR business Focused

Our staff learn your business, your goals and objectives, and your roadmap to success. Everything we do is based on your goals and what you want to achieve.

Business Acuity

Vendor management, contract negotiations, financial modeling, and projections allow H3 Systems to not only engage technology, but at the right time and at the right cost.

Free Initial Consult!

Answer your questions

Determine road-to-success!

full time experience at part-time pricing

Experienced. Affordable.

Typically engaged on a 1 or 2 days-a-week basis,  our staff are particularly suited to use:

  • on an interim basis between hiring new leadership
  • to augment existing leadership who may not be seasoned 
  • when you are serious about technology management but too small to afford it

We will work with you to develop a realistic role as well as quantitative objectives.  Functioning as part of your management team, not as a 3rd party contractor, our decisions and guidance are for what is best for your organization, not from what generates revenue to us.  If something takes a little extra time,  it get that little extra time.

H3 Systems, over the last twenty years, has provided our company with technical expertise on a large variety of information and technology systems. They are always available and easy to work with. They have consistently provided our team with outstanding leadership and expertise on a multitude of technological platforms and always provided us with the best in class solution to run our business. We cannot even begin to adequately describe the contributions they have made to our organization.

trust and security you need


Our staff manintain the strictest confidentialy and use leading industry security measures to physically, as well as procedureally, protect your company’s IP.  Full NDA’s are readily available as well as look-you-in-the-eyes handshakes.

team focus you deserve

Team Builders

Our staff are leaders, mentors, and team builders.  We understand the importance of team to the success of a business and work along side your staff, as equals, to focus and build your team of winners.

proven success

Historic Success

Have an exit strategy?  H3 staff know what it takes to get there as our history speaks for itself.  Of seven startups who used H3 staff, one had an IPO,  four were successfully sold,  one became a learning opportunity,  and one story is still being written.